Happy New Year! 2017 Top 5 Recipes!

Happy New Year from bakeitfab! Thank you to all who have subscribed, experimented with recipes, commented, and followed along. I do appreciate your support very much and I hope you have enjoyed being here as much as I have. There are more wonderful recipes to share with you in 2018 and lots of plans for bakeitfab in the new year.  I’m excited about all that’s coming up and I hope you will continue to be inspired to improve your skills with bakeitfab!

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Stocking A Baking Station: Ingredients

If you have decided to bake on a regular basis to improve your skills, (and I hope you have!), stocking a baking station is essential so that you have all the basics you will need. That is not to say you will have every possible ingredient or tool, but there are certain items that appear over and over and having them on hand will make your baking much easier.

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Books I Love

After 2 decades of professional baking and a lifetime of cooking, I have accumulated a lot of cookbooks! I have cookbooks from every region of the world, both savory and sweet, and countless books on chocolate, cake decorating, and bread baking. I want to share with you my favorites – the books that I turn to time and time again not only because I use them as a professional reference but because they have wonderful recipes that I enjoy making and tips that actually work! Here are 10 books that I would not want to be without as a baker.

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You Can Bake in a Tiny Kitchen!

Lots of people think you have to have an enormous kitchen with all the bells and whistles to make beautiful pastries. While that certainly is nice, you can get fantastic results in a very small space — you just need to be organized! I live in New York City and it’s an amazing place to be, particularly if you are a chef. However, kitchen space is quite tight! So just in case you think I have an unfair advantage, here are pictures of the space I work in.

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