Dacquoise Hearts

It’s February and that means all things heart shaped, chocolate, and in varying shades of pink and red! Let’s kick off our Valentine’s Day desserts with these wonderful dacquoise hearts. They are light, delicious, and, most importantly, can be made in advance and then assembled just before serving.

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Light Lemon Custard Cakes! Off to Vietnam!

By the time you read this post about lemon custard cakes I will be on my way to Vietnam for 3 months so bakeitfab will take a decidedly tropical turn for the next several weeks! Fruits and flavors of the region such as passion fruit, lemongrass, and cinnamon will be front and center and lighter, fresher desserts suited to a tropical climate will be featured. (Fits in pretty well with eating a bit healthier for the new year too!)

This recipe for lemon custard cakes is a great way to start. Light and tangy, lemon custard cakes are a great dessert when you want something sweet but not too heavy. These lovely, souffle like creations are great straight out of the oven or at room temperature.

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The are many variations of bomboloni, the little cream filled doughnuts of Italy. These are an adaptation of the recipe I used when I worked at Carravaggio in New York City and are not filled. Instead, they are made with ricotta which provides and moist creamy center to these wonderful treats.

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Fruit Tea Cakes

These fruit tea cakes are a delicious way to take advantage of all the wonderful fruit, particularly stone fruit, that is in markets everywhere at this time of year. Get some deliciously ripe peaches or cherries and these light, tender cakes are sure to please!

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