Cashew Micro Sponge

Mirco sponge is just what it sounds like – sponge cake cooked in the microwave. I know. I’m not a proponent of microwaves but this is so easy and turns out so well I have to include it. Best of all, it cooks in a paper cup in about 30 seconds. This garnish will add interest to any plate you produce.

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Hard Meringues

Hard meringues, or crisp meringues, are completely dry all the way through with no chewy center. They are wonderful plate decorations and can be made into many shapes. Larger meringues can be used to hold cream and berries or can be used as a cake layer to add textural interest. Plan to make these on a dry day since they will become sticky in humidity.

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Craquelin is a great way to add visual contrast and an interesting texture to the top of pastries made with pate a choux. Craquelin is quite simple to make but will only stay crunchy for the day it is made. Fortunately, pate a choux is a simple process so be sure to give craquelin a try!

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