Croissants are one of the most iconic French pastries and, when made well, are truly worthy of their lofty reputation. My good friend Bill Batty used to come to my bakery quite often for a warm chocolate croissant (see the alternatives section at the end of this post) just out of the oven and he requested I post this recipe. I hope you make these often and share them with friends!

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Scones You’ll Want to Eat!


Picking the very first recipe is troublesome. Should I make a big splash and do something over the top? Should I pick a tried and true favorite? What about starting with the basics? I finally settled on an often maligned pastry, and many times with good reason — scones. When they are good they can be sublime but quite often they are, well, just not. I have tasted many — dry, crumbly, tasteless scones and wondered, why?! It’s not a time consuming project nor do scones require special equipment or odd ingredients. They simply need the proper ratio of ingredients and a light touch.

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