Plated Dessert For Valentine’s Day

This is a wonderful plated dessert and the first true, professional style plated dessert I have done for the blog. Why? Because it takes time to learn and basic skills need to be developed before attempting such a dessert. Plus, this basic plated dessert has seven components – seven! Yes, I realize thats quite a few but I will explain how make each one and provide a schedule to make a dessert like this.

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Dacquoise Hearts

It’s February and that means all things heart shaped, chocolate, and in varying shades of pink and red! Let’s kick off our Valentine’s Day desserts with these wonderful dacquoise hearts. They are light, delicious, and, most importantly, can be made in advance and then assembled just before serving.

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Sapodilla And Passion Fruit Granita

Sapodilla is a tropical fruit grown in many parts of the world including the Yucatan, the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia. Here in Vietnam the fruits are about 4 inches across with a deep peach colored flesh. They are extremely sweet when they are ripe and make fantastic granita! Paired with the tang of passion fruit, it’s a hard to beat combination!

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Lime Meltaways

Lime is the citrus of choice in Vietnam, from soups and stews to fish dishes and more. While not as acidic as lemon, it still packs a punch in these lime meltaways. These little bites take the best of Vietnam and turn it into a light, refreshing ending for any meal.

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