Christmas Cookies Galore!

I love making Christmas cookies! I made approximately 25,000 cookies each year when I owned a bakery. Many of those cookies were decorated cutouts and many more were these cookies – beautiful, elegant sophisticated bites that add a special touch to any table.

The links to the recipes and directions for these cookies are below. Each of these recipes can be partially completed ahead of time. (Those suggestion are given in each recipe.) That helps when energy and time are at a premium during the holidays!


Linzer Cookies
(star shape)

These are one of my favorite cookies at any time of year. Using star cutters makes these wonderful cookies perfect for the holidays.

Classic Shortbread
(bar shape)

There is nothing quite like shortbread. These cookies are deceptively simple but pack a huge, sophisticated flavor!

(ball shape)

At Christmastime these cookies are called snowballs. At other times they are Russian tea cakes or Mexican wedding cookies – pretty versatile!

Citrus Shortbread
(triangle shape)

These are delightfully chewy with a great citrus punch. Perfect made with orange, lemon, or grapefruit.

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