You Can Bake in a Tiny Kitchen!

Lots of people think you have to have an enormous kitchen with all the bells and whistles to make beautiful pastries. While that certainly is nice, you can get fantastic results in a very small space — you just need to be organized! I live in New York City and it’s an amazing place to be, particularly if you are a chef. However, kitchen space is quite tight!┬áSo just in case you think I have an unfair advantage, here are pictures of the space I work in.

Yes, that’s it! In the first picture you can see the oven on the left with a two burner cooktop, a narrow cupboard where the trash bags and cleaning supplies go with the silverware and gadget drawer on top, and (yes!) the under counter refrigerator. Not a ton of space. On the other side, the dishwasher and the sink with the pots and pans cupboard below. That’s it! There is also a small cupboard to the left of this area where we store dishes and dry goods such as flour and sugar.

Now, if I can make beautiful pastries in this space you can certainly manage in the area you have! So, get started! Get your baking area organized (blog post to come soon!) and start making wonderful pastries to share with family and friends.

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