Welcome to bakeitfab! As a pastry chef for the last 20 years I have accumulated a wealth of recipes, techniques and ideas and here is where I share it all with you. I have worked in hotels, restaurants and bakeries (including my own!) in New York City, Europe, and Asia so I have seen it all — the glorious wedding cakes and plated desserts as well as the mistakes and the “do-overs”. This website is a resource for you to use to try new recipes, learn new techniques and take your baking to the next level. Gain confidence as your skills increase and your baking becomes more refined. Whether you are just starting to bake or you are more seasoned, the detailed instructions and step by step photographs, as well as explanations about why things work a certain way, will guide you to improve your baking. Once again, welcome to bakeitfab. Let’s get started!


As an executive pastry chef for 2 decades, I never tire of making beautiful baked goods, decorating and styling, and teaching others to do the same. My approach  is:

1) Be passionate about the work. If you are not inspired then it will show in your finished products. When I owned my own bakery, my brother used to say he could taste the love. I believe that’s true — when you put a bit of yourself into each loaf or slice, it shows.
2) Use the best ingredients possible. It is possible to use inferior ingredients and, with proper technique, create a passable product. But why? Remember, heart and soul goes into each item so you should use the best items available.
3) Share your passion. The real joy comes in sharing not only your finished products but also your love of baking. That’s why this website exists. Be inspired! Bake! Share!


Learning to bake takes time. I have been baking since I was young and professionally for 20 years and I learn something new each time I step in to the kitchen. Don’t be in too much of a rush to learn everything all at once — it just doesn’t work that way.  For years, I had the most difficult time with pie crust. There were many failed attempts, including dough thrown in the trash and tough, doughy pie crusts. Don’t be frustrated if your finished result isn’t what you’d hoped on the first try. Be patient and persevere!

Learning to bake also brings joy. My hope is to inspire you and help you hone your skills to make beautiful and delicious breads and pastries. Enjoy the process. There is a great sense of accomplishment in producing a beautiful and delicious product but don’t forget to enjoy the steps along the way.

Finally, learning to bake creates a desire to share. I am sharing my baking with you and I hope you will share your baking with family, friends, or the neighbor next door. It will be appreciated! You will brighten someone’s day and it will make you feel good too!


Vietnamese Coffee Eclairs

Ca phe sua da is an iced coffee drink in Vietnam made with strong espresso and sweetened condensed milk and it is addictive! In that spirit, here is a French classic with a Vietnamese twist – Vietnamese coffee eclairs. They are almost as addictive as the drink! please share!emailFacebookPinterestYummly


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